Veera Rasa (Bravery)

The Veera is the rasa of heroism, bravery, fearlessness, determination and self- confidence. Boldness in battle, the attitude with which warriors go to war, and the valor with which they die are all aspects of heroism. In the Hindu mythology, Abhimanyu displayed a different type of heroism when he went to war knowing fully that he would be severely outnumbered and almost certainly die and yet fought so bravely till his last. Also bravery, confidence, determination, self-assurance and valor. Vira asserts itself when you call upon the warrior that lives inside you. It is strong and vibrant.


The Raudra Rasa depicts anger and is probably the most violent amongst the other rasas. The wrath of kings, the fury caused by an offense, the anger evoked over injustice and disrespect are all forms of Raudra.