Raga: Mohana
Tala: Adi

“The source of all movement, Shiva’s dance, gives rhythm to the universe. He dances in evil places, in sacred, he creates and preserves, destroys, and releases. We are part of this dance, this eternal rhythm, and woe to us if blinded by illusions. We detach ourselves from the dancing cosmos, this universal harmony”

Naisha’s remarks:
This is definitely one of my favorite pieces, as the music is very powerful! I was also happy to perform this piece for Aparana Aunty sinch this is one of her childhood favorite songs to dance to. Having a live orchestra and practicing with them to bring the performance altogether, is an amazing experience.


Shivashtakam, popularly known as “Prabhum Prananatha” is a devotional composition that praises Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. The word “Shivashtakam” is derived from two components: “Shiva,” which refers to Lord Shiva, and “ashtakam,” which means a composition consisting of eight verses. The hymn extols the divine qualities and attributes of Lord Shiva. It is recited or sung by devotees to express their reverence, seek his blessings, and deepen their spiritual connection with the Lord. The hymn encapsulates the profound love and devotion that devotees hold for Lord Shiva and serves to immerse oneself in his divine presence. The Shivashtakam mantra holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener

Benefit 1 - Healing power

“Peace of mind and helps in keeping negative energy, evils, and negative thoughts away” If practiced regularly and with undivided focus, the Shivashtakam can have lasting healing effects on the disciple’s temperament and mental strength

Benefit 2 - Better decisions

“Good health, prosperity, and wisdom dawns” Through this chant, the intention to overcome suffering becomes stronger, and it becomes easier for the mind to make financial decisions with clarity and intuition.

Benefit 3 - Brings abundance

“Induces positivity, confidence, and willpower as well as the removal of obstacles in endeavors”. As a result of its effect, chanting the Shivashtakam can bless the life of the chanter with abundant health and happiness, while also opening up the path to prosperity