Ramano Babuva Narration (Story)

(Story of Lord Rama Narating by Yashodha to Baby Krishna)
Yashodha brings Kishna and sits with him and asks him if he is hungry, he says “No”, but still yashoda feeds him. She asks him if he is ready to sleep, as usual he says No!. She then shows Krishna all the sparkling stars and the sound of crickets. And she carries him and puts him in the cradle. 
Mother Yashoda gives multiple choices of stories to share to Krishna and he picks the story of Rama. The story starts with Rama as a baby, and his four brothers, and how respectful he was to his parents and how brave he was. The story shifts to Sita, about how she was found by Mother Nature to the King Janaka. And how she was born a beautiful intelligent woman. Sita gets married to her dream boy, Lord Rama, but their fairytale married life didn’t last long, and had to go through hardships. Lord Rama’s mother, Keyki, and father Dasharatha, orders Rama to go to the Forest Panchavati. With him, his younger brother Lakshmana, and his beloved Sita, happily change their attire to a saffron robe and accompany Rama to Panchavati Forest. 
Panchavati Forest was indeed a very beautiful place, flowers were blooming all over the place, vines were growing, birds chirping, river flowing, fish splashing, and three lived happily in one small hut. One day, Sita sees this magical golden deer and falls for the Maya (illusion/materialistic). She chases the golden deer but fails to get hold of it. But, Sita approaches none other than Lord Rama, to get her the Golden Deer. Rama sees the child in Sita, happily agrees to get her one, and goes behind Maya. Sita suddenly hears the sounds, Rama. Sita thinks that something bad happened to her husband, and orders Lakshmana to go find him. Before Lakshma leaves he draws a line, just outside the house, the Line of Protection, known as Lakshmana Rekha. 
Within a short period, Ravana, the ten headed mighty king of Lanka, comes in the form of a Brahmana asking for alms(bhiksha). Sita falling for this deceiving form, she tries to come out to give the offering, but tells the Brahmin that she cannot. But, she gets scared of the future consequences of the curse that will be given by the Brahmin, and she agrees to cross the line of the Lakshmana Rekha.  
Suddenly, Ravana comes in his original form, and kidnaps Sita in his Pushpaka Vimana (his airplane). In the flying airplane, Sita, crying, takes all her jewelry off, and drops it off his plane. Suddenly the story shifts to Baby Krisha, Krishna hearing the story starts shivering and crying. Mother Yashoda, takes the baby off the cradle, and convinces the baby that Rama and Sita will be united, and calms the Baby and puts him back to bed.