Ramonama Bhabhuva

Raga: Ragamalika
Taken from Krishna KaruNAmrutham

“If we want to be touched by the consciousness that we refer to as Krishna, we need Leela – the path of the playful.” ~ Sadhguru

Naisha’s remarks:
This is definitely my most challenging piece! It is so exciting to portray the Ramayana story, and playing the roles of Rama, Sita, and Krishna. This piece has really pushed me to improve my abhinaya skills, facial expressions. So, expressing feelings is tricky, but also very interesting and fun because it is almost like pure acting and becoming different roles instantaneously. I was able to learn so much through this item.


The term “Ramonama” can be understood as a combination of “Rama” and “Nama,” where “Nama” means name. So, “Ramonama” essentially refers to the name of Lord Rama.

This legendary epic has taught the world eternal values like truth, duty, unity, love, equality, peace, and the eternal prevalence of good over evil Ramonama Bhabhuva is a dance presentation that captures a few poignant moments from this katha Sagar

Alll of us have grown up listening to tales from their Ramayana

When little Krishna is having difficulty in sleeping, mother Yashoda narrates the beautiful story of Lord Rama and Sita. Listening to this story, Little Krishna’s eye sparkles. This dance is poetry in action.   

[Mother Yasoda is telling Sri Krishna a story:]

“There was once a king named Rama.”


“His wife was Sita.”


“On the order of His father, Rama lived in the Pancavati Forest. There Ravana kidnapped Sita.”

Hearing His mother narrate His own activities performed in ancient times, Sri Krishna suddenly called out, “Laksmana! Where is My bow? Where is My bow? Where is My bow?”

May these alarmed words of Lord Krishna protect us all.