Varnam Narration (Story)

Varnam (Mayamalavagoula) Story

The first line line says : Oh My Muruga, what kind of Maya or illusion is this? I do’nt understand this cunningness.

In the 2nd line: Valli says, on a beautiful peacock you came and saw me being alone, and did your magic. After that I forgot everything.
The story for this line is as follows :

“Valli grew up to be a beautiful maiden and as a Murugan devotee. When she was twelve years old, Valli was sent to guard the millet fields against parrots and other birds. The sage Narada spotted her and went to Tanikai to inform Lord Murugan about Valli’s exceptional beauty and her devotion to the god of the hunters.

The Lord appeared in the disguise of an old tribal king and sought her hand in marriage. Valli was shocked, lowered her head and answered that it was inappropriate for him to marry a woman from the low tribe of the hunters.
Upset with the ongoing disturbance, the Lord sought the help of his brother, Lord Ganesha who appeared as a wild elephant. The terror-stricken girl rushed into the arms of the old Saiva devotee and promised to offer him anything in return for the protection from the wild elephant.
He then dragged her aside and sought her hand in marriage. Valli consented and the Lord revealed his real form, with six heads, twelve arms and seated on his peacock.”
In the following line, she says, I am even hiding my feelings from my mom, and keeping my pain in my heart, please come soon. It’s been so many days that I am apart from you. The story for this part is as follows:
“Valli looks at herself in the mirror, and drapes the best saree, adorns herself with the finest jewelry and waits for him.”