Aparna Sundaram

Bharatanātyam has been Aparna’s first love since the age of five. After initial training under Smt. Sowbhagya (India), Aparna specialized in Abhinaya under Smt. Dr. Vasundhara Doraiswamy (India). After moving to the US, she continued dance under Smt. Indumathy Ganesh. Following years of intense practice and mastery of the dance, Aparna accomplished her solo Arangetram under the guidance of her Guru Smt. Indumathy Ganesh in 2003.
Aparna has performed extensively and has earned the recognition and respect of dance critics for her exquisite execution of Bharatanātyam, and has been bestowed the title of “Natya Tilakam”, for her flawless rhythm, flowing grace and powerful projections of the various Abhinaya. She has performed in numerous sabhās and academies in India and abroad. Aparna has also participated in several dance competitions, representing India at state and national levels, often earning first place accolades.
Aparna has performed in numerous dance festivals in San Diego, California. She has enacted dance dramas in keeping with the Natyashastra culture. In 2016, she directed Indradhwaja Mahothothsava under the guidance of Smt. Radhika Nandakumar.
Aparna runs her dance school “Swapanthi Dance Academy”, rigorously training her students in Bharatanātyam. “Learning should never stop”, “Swara to Ishwara” and “Nartan to Paramātman” are her guiding philosophy and beliefs.