Tala: Adi(2 Kale)
Composer: Papanasam Shivan

“Dancing is an art. The floor is my canvas. And I am the brush and whatever it creates comes form the heart.”

Naisha’s remarks: This is definitely the most tiring piece I have, being 25 minutes long, and filled with so many steps! I have invested so much time learning and practicing this piece, which I learned over a year time frame. Although it is definitely difficult and exhausting, it is a very fun and upbeat piece which makes it enjoyable. All your positive energy will definitely help me keep going! Of course no Varnam is easy to learn, so thank you to my guru Aparana Aunty for practicing it again and again with me, cleaning it up, helping me figure out the intricate talam, and helping me emote more


Varman is the most beautiful, rich, exquisite, and intense item in the Bharatnatyam repertoire. and is announced as the piece-de- resistance of the traditional recital. There is a perfect synchronization of “bhava” (emotion),'”raga” (melody or tune), and “tala” (rhythm), thus giving the dancer an abundant scope for displaying her rhythmic talents along with varied “abhinaya” (expressions). This piece tests the dancer’s stamina and grace as it is the longest and most demanding item. Varnam creates the impression of beauty, grandeur, and profundity by alternative between pure dance sequences and expressional lines.

The varnam has a lot of surprises for the spectators in its complex and
fast nritta passages that contains a large number of the most difficult karanas. “The karanas are here not merely for a spectacular aesthetic effect,” “they are here to evoke the spirit of Nataraja.”