English Lyrics

Lyrics Meaning:


Vaishnav Jan To

Tene Kahiye Je,

Peed Parae Jane Re,

One Who Is a Vaishnav (Worships Lord Vishnu),

Who, comprehend and recognizes the pain of others,

Does good to others, esp. to those who are in misery


Par Dukhe Upkar Kare Toye,

Man Abhiman Na Aane Re..

Egotistical pride does not enter their minds


Sakal Lok Maa Sahune Vande,

Ninda Naa Kare Keni Re,

They bow-down to everyone in the entire world.

They never slander/does not speak ill of others.

Vach Kachh Mann

Nishchal Rakhe,

Dhan-Dhan Janani Teni Re.

They keep their speech thoughtful and mind balanced.

The one who gives birth to such a person remains very fortunate


Sam Drishti Neh

Trishna Tyagi,

ParStri Jene Maat Reh,

They see everything equally,

and give up (all) material desires.

and rejects greed

Jivha Thaki Ashatha Na Bole,

ParDhan Naav Jhali Hath Re..

Even for sake of their lives, will never speak untruth.

They see all women as their own mother


MohMaya Vyape Nahi Jene,

Dridh Vairagya Jenaa mun ma re,

Never hold others wealth in their hands

Who, never surrender to the illusion of material desires.

In whose mind resides, unwavering detachment

Ram Naam Shun Tali Lagi,

Sakal Tirth Tena Tan Mann Re..

Whose claps are attuned in the name of Lord Rama

All the holiest places reside in their body


Van Lobhi Ne K

apat Rahit Chhe,

Kaam Krodh Nivarya Re,

Is without greed and deceit.

Refrains from lust and hate

Bhane Narsaiyo Tenu

Darshan Karta,

Kul Ekoter Tarya Re..

Poet Narai says that, when such a person visits you.

71-generations, will be free and the family gets salvation