Hanuman Chalisa

Raga: Mohana
Tala: Adi
Composer: Saint Tulsidas

“He gives the strength and courage to overcome difficulties quickly, just like lightning strikes quickly and powerfully.” ~ Hanumanji

Naisha’s remarks:
I can relate to Hanuman’s character and am very inspired by his devotion to Rama and strength he portrays. I love the fierceness of this song. Prior to an ice skating performance, I usually recite this bhajan in my mind before performing. I feel it helps me stay focused and relaxed.


Hanuman Chalisa extols the greatness of the super-hero Sri Hanuman. It is a lovely garland of forty verses strung by Goswami Tulsidasa, a 16th-century poet-saint and devotee of Lord Rama, and can be offered daily to the Lord of your heart

The lyrics of “Hanuman Chalisa” describe the various qualities and attributes of Lord Hanuman, including his strength, devotion, and unwavering commitment to serving Lord Rama. The hymn praises Lord Hanuman’s selfless devotion and his willingness to go to any length to serve his Lord.

Musically, “Hanuman Chalisa” is a beautiful fusion of melody and rhythm, with a simple yet powerful tune that is easy to sing and remember.  Each verse  praises Lord Hanuman’s qualities, attributes, and accomplishments.

The hymn begins with an invocation to Lord Hanuman and goes on to describe his various qualities, including his strength, courage, and devotion to Lord Rama. The hymn also describes how Lord Hanuman aided Lord Rama in his quest to defeat the demon king Ravana and rescue his wife Sita from captivity.

Overall, “Hanuman Chalisa” is a powerful hymn that inspires devotion and surrender to the divine. By reciting the hymn with faith and devotion, devotees believe that they can gain the blessings of Lord Hanuman and overcome any obstacles in their path. The hymn’s message of devotion, selflessness, and service has inspired countless people over the centuries and continues to be a source of spiritual solace and inspiration for many today.

Regular chanting of the Sri Hanuman Chalisa will bring about a spiritual transformation in this world. Thus, it is a service to humanity to chant it regularly.

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa:

  • It makes us more efficient in our work by removing mental obstacles.
  • It fills us with rich values and virtues required in spiritual life.
  • It gives all abilities needed for success in spiritual and material endeavour.
  • It grants us success in whatever we undertake.
  • It bestows peace of mind and happiness.
  • It helps us to overcome difficulties in life; problems miraculously disappear.