Thank You to all our family and friends who contributed to make this event a success.

Many beautiful things cannot be seen or touched. They are felt with the heart. Your presence today is one of them, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends and family who contributed to make this event a success. We are grateful to have you join us on this special occasion. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
- Nikunj, Shila, Naisha Patel

Guest Speakers

Riyana Patel

Savannah Levack

Aanika Tipirneni

Emily Ginsberg

Sydney Mafong

Terry and Tony Kudrna

Sahil & Sejal Gandhi, Jaylen & Kaden Dilkhush, Ameya & Leela Shah 


Riyana Patel

Isha Popat

Savannah Levack

Aanika Tipirneni

Aditi Dandu

Deethya Pottu

Nithi Chandran

Aaliya Choksi

Leena Venkatesh

Hritika Hosalkar


Masters of Ceremonies: Prem Shah, Shital Patel, & Sejal Gandhi
Makeup &Hair: Visalini Sundaram & Sangita Desai
Photography: Vishnu Priya & Chris Brake
Videography: Serg Swiderski
Brochure Design: Sheila Balaji

Sponsored by NSN Holistic