What is Bharatanatyam?

The origin of classical form came from nature. This is what people don’t get. They think, Oh, let’s see: a pirouette. No! It existed in whirlpools and eddies and the way that the world turns on its axis and goes around the sun. So all of this is based in nature, and that’s why it’s always wonderful to go back to nature, because these are the true origins of this form.”
– Alonzo King

Bharathanatyam is one of the finest Indian Classical Dance forms which is primarily an intense prayer and meditation. It is the constant endeavor for Naisha to reach out to the divine bliss to feel happiness and peace within the body and soul.


The music is set to traditional Indian Classical music which encompasses: Singer Nattuvangam Violin Mrudangam Flute


Nritta – Focuses on body movements and footwork

Nritya – Uses facial expressions

Natya – A combination of both Nritta and Nritya


BHA-Bhava (Expression) RA-Raga (Music, Melody) TA-Tala (Rhythm) NATYAM (Dance)


Bharatanatyam, a dance of grace,
A celebration of beauty and culture. With every step,
a story unfolds, Elegant hand gestures and feet that hold. Eternal stories in every performance, A dance that will leave you in a trance.


Made of six yards of hand- woven silk, a sari is custom tailored into different parts for providing more freedom of movement.