Grandson of Hiranyakashyapu, Bali, defeated Indra and gained authority of the three worlds. I came as Vamana a dwarf brahmachari and asked for land worth my three strides. Underestimating my size Bali agreed. Vamana grew to a giant size and in two steps took over the heavens and earth. Humble, Bali offered his head for my third step, and granted him immortality and kingdomship of the Netherworlds.


shatriyas, under Kartavirya were wrecking ic on the Bhrigu clan. He was born to sage nadagni and princess Renuka. He killed all he male Kshatriyas on earth 21 successive es (for, each time, their wives survived and ve birth to new generations) and filled five ‹es with their blood and in penance for his brought down 64 Brahmin families south, eing the traditional founder of Malabar. In Mahabharata, he bacame the Guru of Bhishma, Dronacharya and Karna One of the 7 immortals of the Earth When prosp became the e for unrighteous


A prince of honor and valor, he braved many injustices. From his exile to the woods, to his wife’s abduction and eventual victory over Ravan, Lord Rama is seen as a man of virtue and chivalry and is held exemplary as supreme character every human should follow. As a human avatar, I had the purpose o installing order and Dharma in the lives of the dejected, Dem filled lands of Ayodhya and beyond. As Rama, the prince, the son, the husband the brother, the student and the teacher, I taught the world the powers of virtue, action and responsibil and to end the Ravanas of ego in minds whenever necessary.