Shanta Rasa (Peace)

Shanta is the rasa of tranquility and peace. It represents the state of calm and untroubled steadiness. Shanta represents complete harmony between the mind, body and universe. Shanta is what Buddha felt when he was enlightened that led him to salvation or nirvana which freed him from the cycle of life and death. This Rasa is reflected in deep calmness and relaxation. When we become still, quiet and at peace, we are so full that we are empty of all else but peace. We can only find peace within.


This is the ultimate Rasa; the crown emotion that heals anything. This Rasa frees the ego and connects us to devotional love. When we appreciate beauty it connects us to the source of love. It’s the creative play between Shiva and Shakti, sun and moon, yin and yang. The purpose of the universe is to experience this divine love. This love is inherent in everything. It is within each and every one of us and radiates throughout the cosmos.