CCA students provide breakfast for teachers and staff as part of Diwali celebration

It all began with a spark of inspiration – a shared desire to foster unity and show gratitude. Students from different classes at Canyon Crest Academy collaborated, contributing their unique skills and resources to provide breakfast for all the teachers and staff on Nov. 13 to help celebrate Diwali at school.

Diwali, a holiday known as the “Festival of Lights,” is celebrated primarily in South Asia and the Caribbean. Though the festival has many interpretations, the core message is the victory of good or light over darkness.

In the context of teachers, Diwali serves as a poignant reminder of their role as guiding lights, illuminating the path of knowledge, and shaping the development of the young minds of our society. Breakfast for the teachers is a way of showing gratitude to them. For the students, celebrating Diwali in school allows them to feel a sense of belonging, while also contributing to a more diverse and culturally enriched educational experience.

The students would like to thank CCA Principal Brett Killeen and the school staff for their support to make this breakfast celebration a success.