Adbhuta Rasa (Amazement)

Adbhuta is the rasa of curiosity, astonishment and wonder. The feeling when one comes across something divine and supernatural, something never seen or imagined before is Adbhuta. In Naisha’s Dance the Adbhuta Rasa can be seen in the expressions of the courtyards when Sri Rama had broken the Hara Dhanu in Sita’s Swayambar. In the ‘Choordhora Naat’ the expression of Yashodha when she saw the whole universe inside the mouth of little Krishna is also an example of Adbhuta Rasa. The curiosity, mystery and awe which occur when we become fascinated with the very idea of life. This Rasa is our playfulness and innocence. We enter into complete appreciation and become an explorer or adventurer. It seems like magic!